About the Blogger

     Hey, everyone!

     My name is Christine. I was born in Papua New Guinea but moved to Malaysia with my family when I was 6. I am the eldest of three siblings (however I am the shortest and, strangely, the fairest of the lot too). I have many interest and hobbies in various things but my top three favorites would be reading, folding origami and playing games on various platforms like my phone, computer, the PlayStation 4, game boy, etc.

      I am currently the proud owner of two very mischievous cats, Scruffy (who has perfected her ‘grumpy cat’ face) and Melky (who I swear thinks he’s a dog sometimes). They were both originally rescued stray kittens but when you look at them now, you wouldn’t ever think they were strays, to begin with! They have gone through so much and have even cheated death a couple of times. Both cats have since grown into beautiful, healthy adult cats. (I’ve included pictures of them at the bottom!)

      As you can already tell, I am very proud of them but I assure you I am not a crazy cat lady (I hope!). What else can I add to this? Oh! I am an optimistic fool and I tend to laugh a little too much sometimes. I have this amazing ability to trip on flat surfaces (though I make a conscious effort to be very careful these days. Especially on rainy days.) After this foundation course, I hope to pursue a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. I hope to become an amazing kindergarten teacher one day. Make sure you guys keep in touch, okay? See ya!😊

R: Scruffy rocking the emo life; L: Melky – I used a dog filter on one of the camera apps on my phone. I thought he looked hilarious. Needless to say, both cats were not amused.