A short story: A strange day in the woods

This is a story that makes absolutely no sense. No rhyme or reason, or right or wrongs. This is a short story about a girl called Ophelia, who lives out in the countryside with her dear old granny, and her furry feline companion, Melky.

          Ophelia and Melky, the mischievous duo who are always in search of excitement and adventure, found themselves bored and restless with nothing to do one sunny, summer afternoon. And so, the duo decided to go on an epic quest into the woods. They walked, and jumped, and climbed, and crossed over numerous little streams, before stumbling upon a tiny little wooden door. It was hidden beneath some moss and overgrown shrubs. If it had not been for the ray of sunlight that had peeked through the clouds allowing the golden door knob to gleam, they would not have discovered that little door otherwise.

          The appearance of the wooden door in the middle of the woods piqued the curiosity of the mischievous duo immensely and so it was no surprise that they just had to open the door to find out what lay behind the mysterious door. Quaking with excitement, Ophelia grasped the doorknob and turned it slowly. As she tugged the door open, all that stared back at her was darkness. Gingerly, they stepped forward through the door. However, as soon as they stepped inside, the door slammed behind them and they were swallowed by a big hole in the ground. As they were falling, the darkness turned into light and they landed on the softest, fluffiest, bed of marshmallow flowers.

          Shaking their confusion away, they opened their eyes only to be greeted by the strangest sight. A cat on its two hind legs, wearing a dress, boots and a very silly looking top hat. The strange cat smiled and helped them to their feet. She then curtsied and said, “Why hello there! I hope you had a pleasant fall. I am Chairman Meow, protector of Meowland the Land of Strange Things. Welcome! Call me Scruffy. Everyone calls me that here. What are you both called?”. Before Ophelia could even say anything, a giant fluff monster appeared! Threatening to destroy everything in its path. It stomped and crushed a bed of marshmallow flowers before it noticed the trio.  

          It began to make its way towards Scruffy, Melky, and Ophelia. Paralyzed and rendered speechless from fear, all Scruffy, Ophelia, and Melky could do was watch helplessly as they awaited their impending doom. Thankfully, seconds before the fluff monster could get to them, Prince Cicak arrived, wielding his (very impressive) sharp sword. It was a very long and tiring battle to the end. Before Prince Cicak could pierce the fluff monster one final time, Melky yelled, “Stop Prince! Don’t do it! Look behind the fluff monster. There seems to be something sticking out of it!”. Prince Cicak glanced at the area Melky pointed out and noticed the biggest thorn ever existed wedged firmly into the fluff monster’s back. Melky, using his cat-like ninja skills, slipped behind the fluff monster and released the thorn, freeing the fluff monster from its misery and returning it back to its original cheerful self. The grateful fluff monster thanked everyone for helping him, especially Melky for saving his life.

          Noticing the sun setting, Ophelia and Melky quickly said their goodbyes to everyone, promising to return another day, and went back home to their cozy little cottage. Granny welcomed them back with hugs and a kiss each and said, “Welcome home my dears. Did anything exciting happen in the woods?”, Ophelia and Melky looked at each other and with a knowing smile replied, “Oh granny, you wouldn’t believe it!”.


The End.


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